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Kkwagwagwang Gugugung Nanana Nannana Dadada Dandandan Ttadada Ttadadan Ttattatta Ttarara Ttanttatta Ttanttara Ttanttanttan Ttangttangttang Ttittitti Ttiriri Rarara Rallara Rallallal Rulluru Bambambam Ppamppamppam Ppapppappap Ppapppappa Syaralla Aaa Ooo Uuu Jajajang Jjanjjara Jjanjjanjjan Kungkungkung

Website created for the webzine Sound@Media, sound art webzine published by Saii, Moonji Cultural Institute.

As we were asked to create something related to audible cultures in our time, we collected inquiries about songs' titles from Naver Jisik-in, a famous knowledge search service in Korea. Designed with Jahyun Kim.

This site is currently not available due to Youtube's policies.

Visit the webzine Sound@Media.