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GZFM 90.0 91.3 92.5 94.2

Exhibition at Space Hamilton, Seoul, 16 May — 28 May 2010.

Gazzazapzi is a magazine which we and our friends have published irregularly since 2007. The works published in Gazzazapzi are contributed by group of designers, artists and writers.

We occupied the Space Hamilton, where once was a used furniture shop, as our radio station, GZFM. The works were broadcasted through 4 channels of FM Radio which was made particularly for the occasion based on the works previously published in Gazzazapzi. 90.0, 91.3, 92.5, and 94.2 were the tuning frequency numbers.

Eunjoo Hong, Hyungjae Kim, Kyong Kim, Junwoo Choi, Donghyeok & Haeok Shin, Jiyun Kim, Kyungrim Lee, mediabus, Jaehyouk sung, Seokji Jeon, Hanuku, Sungho Ha, Yujin, Minsun Eo, Eunhwa Choi, Mirimi

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