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Beautiful Books in Korea 2010

Seoul Art Space Seogyo, 1 July - 10 July 2011.

Beautiful Books in Korea 2010 introduces the 25 most beautiful books of 2010. The selection embodies a wide spectrum of books, from pocket-sized books to newspaper-sized books, from independent publications and exhibition catalogues to that of big publishing houses. It was selected upon the basis of quality in terms of conception, design, and production, considering the respective context and background. The list also captures recent flows of publication and graphic design in Korea that are distinguishable from the past (from the introduction note of the exhibition).

Initiated and Organized by
Helen Ku, Kyong Kim, Hyungjae Kim, Donghyeok Shin, Kyungyong Lim, Yongwan Jeon, Eunjoo Hong

For more information, see the official exhibition website.